Cloud web panel
Warehouse and store
Repair shop
Manage your rental business with cloud rental software
Track inventory and   upsell
Keep records of the repair shop. Monitor the progress of repairs to your inventory or customer
Mobile app
Booking Widget
Keep your rental business right in the palm of your hand
Make your daily tasks even easier
Enable your customers to book and pay for inventory right on your website
Connect integrations with third-party services and bring your entire business to in one program

Cloud-Based Inventory Management System

Organize your business, save time and earn more money

Our service is designed specifically for the  rental industry, taking into account all the features and specifics

Sport equipment
Photo equipment and gadgets
Bicycles, scooters, snowboards, roller skates
Cameras, lenses, tripods, quadcopters and other gadgets
Cars and Moto
Cars, motorcycles, mopeds, special equipment
Kids toys
Baby toys, strollers, carriers, cribs
Water transport
Boats, saps, catamarans
Dresses & Suits
Evening dresses, jewelry, carnival and festive costumes
Travel inventory
Tents, backpacks, sleeping mats, sleeping bags

Rent in Hand  is more than just a rental app 

Putting things in order in the client base. We take into account all customers and their preferences.
is a unified rental business management system that helps to solve the most common problems
Accounting for equipment rental in real time. All information about inventory movement and its condition is available 24/7.
Employee control
Be aware of when your employee left and when his shift ended. To whom, what and when he rented.
Visual analytics and understandable reports. No extra time and no confusion. Accounting for all financial transactions. All income and expenses are always at hand.
Automatic generation of all necessary documents. Drawing up a contract in 15 seconds.
AI Assistant
Predict revenue and attendance for next month with our artificial intelligence module
Many rental business owners still write everything down on paper or keep records of rentals and rentals in Excel spreadsheets.
Our project is designed to save owners from  an unnecessary headache and  automate the main processes of the rental shops.

A modern
rental management service

Accounting system
Mobile applications
Work in system from mobile application. Even if you do not have an office, or you provide services on the offsite, you can always work in our mobile rental app.
The web panel makes it possible to quickly manage processes from any platform.
The visual dashboard provides complete analytics of the current situation in your business.
Control over the access rights of employees, as well as over their outputs in shifts.
Appointment of wages and many other functions necessary for rental management.
Warehouse management and sales
Inventory accounting. Sale of related products. The possibility of registering the sale of goods together with the provision of rental services.
Website booking widget
Let your customer book inventory online on your site,
Ability to connect online payment or prepayment for rent.
Repair shop
The workshop is designed to record the repair work that the company carries out with its inventory or provides a repair service to customers. Control and account of repair work, spare parts and performers.
Inventory accounting. Sale of related products. The possibility of registering the sale of goods together with the provision of rental services.


*when paid annually
For large companies and those who do not want to think about system limits
rental points
inventory items
+ Access to rest API
+ "Workshop" module
+ "Shop" module
*when paid annually
Suitable for those who are just starting their journey in the rental business
1 rental point
1 employees
100 inventory items
100 clients
*when paid annually
Optimal ratio of limits and cost
3 rental points
5 employees
1 000 inventory items
1 000 customers
+ Access to rest API
Our prices will suit both private person and large network rentals
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Control and accounting
The program keeps a record of absolutely all transactions with goods, customers and money, which allows you to control the activities of your rental and make it more profitable.

Benefits of using our rental and rental accounting service

Automatic price calculation
The calculator of tariffs, discounts and extra charges, fines for breakdowns will accurately calculate the necessary payment for rental services.
Fine tuning
The parameters of your tariffs, discounts, deposits and loyalty systems are easily and simply configured in the program configuration.
Employee motivation
Set salaries and salaries for employees. Adjust the percentage of sales for employees. Find out which employee brings more income to the company. Reward the best.
Visual analytics
An informative dashboard with all the necessary charts and data will help you quickly assess the current state of affairs, revenue growth and the number of orders, as well as evaluate the profitability of each rental item and additional service.
Technical support
Our technical support specialists will always answer your questions and help you set up the program.
The history of the client and his preferences
The internal CRM keeps a history of visits, reminds about   late payments, and   also keeps track of user preferences. You will receive more income from your regular customers, by launching loyalty systems and discounts.
Access control
Assign rights and regulate access to necessary sections of the program. As a result, each of your employees will have access only to those program functions that they are allowed to.
Fleet Downtime Reduction

The results of the implementation of the Rent in Hand service in numbers

Instant creation of contracts and acts
15 seconds
Increasing your rental income
Register clients quickly and efficiently
1 minute

Still in doubt?

Even if you don't have an office, or you provide services out , you can always work in the rental app

Free mobile application

Business in your smartphone