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Administrative Web Panel

A web panel that opens from any browser. It is a full-fledged tool of the point manager, serves both for setting up and keeping records in the rental.

The administrative panel includes the following sections:

Short training video

Watch the 15-minute configuration video
Please one of the important sections. Some software heart. Here full configuration for the program work is filled, and your profile is editing. The configuration of the program includes the contallation of the next components:


Price category
One of the most important components, here you can set up the tariff grid of your rental. The setting is based on a per-minute calculation. You can customize it for categories or rental terms. As convenient as you can. A category of prices can also be assigned from the inventory section when adding it and filling in information on it.
Discount system
Here you can set up a discount system. Promo codes are being installed.
Here you specify the fines that apply in your rental to customers who have caused equipment to break down.
Objects of possible pledge
Here you specify the pledges that apply to your rental.
Sources of attraction
You can specify the sources of attraction and track the effectiveness of your advertising activity. Sources of attraction can be specified, for example, social networks, outdoor advertising, radio, TV and so on.
Inventory statuses
The default inventory statuses are set: free, broken, rented, booked. You can edit them.
Editing contract templates
In our service you can customize the contract template completely for yourself. By default, it is typical and informative with automatic indication of the parameters you have assigned.
Setting a minimum rental period
The minimum rental period can be any at your request.
This is a visual analysis menu where detaines detaines about your business indicators. Dashboard hased the next views are installed on dashboard:


  • Schedule of cash receipts
  • Summary table by rental point, with number of rentals and average check
  • Monthly rental income
  • Monthly number of rentals
  • Daily attendance schedule
  • Revenue schedule
  • History of employee shifts, shows open and closing shifts
  • The most profitable inventory
  • The most effective employee
  • Widget with general statistics reflecting the number of employees, rental offices, inventory and customers
  • Number of rentals for today
  • Today's income
  • Table showing the condition of inventory and its availability at rental points
After all sections are completed, you can just work in the program and follow all indicators. Also, after the "struction" of the admin panel, you and your employees will be able to work in a mobile app, which will work and formake up.

Main sections

This section reflects a list of customers that can be filtered by required categories. Download the list in a convenient format. As well as add and edit customer profiles. Each client has his own profile, reflecting the history of his rentals, the money received from him. Demonstrating his reliability and loyalty to the company.
This section reflects a list of available rental equipment. Each inventory has its own page reflecting the history of its leases and breakdowns, as well as the money it has earned. The inventory section also configures a list of categories and subcategories.
This is a section with history and rental registration. On this page you can see existing leases, as well as those leases that are overdue or booked. On this page, you also add a lease through the "+" button.
This section reflects and adds your rental points.
Rental locations

To make a rent, we have created a convenient logical menu with a sequence of registration: first the inventory is selected, then the client is selected, it is added in just a few seconds with the help of a search. If the visitor comes for the first time, his profile is filled in in 10-15 seconds.

Next, if desired and necessary, the source of attraction is specified, the deposit provided is selected and the rental time is specified (you can add a promotional code and choose a discount) after which the calculator automatically shows the rental cost. The payment window records the payment made. It can be either partial (prepaid) or full, at your request.

Click the "design" button and it's ready.

Once the lease is issued, it is highlighted in the rental list. To print the contract, go to it and press the seal. To close it, you also need to go in and click on the button to close the lease. It's simple.

Creation of rent

Control and accounting
The program keeps a record of absolutely all transactions with goods, customers and money, which allows you to control the activities of your rental and make it more profitable.

Benefits of using our rental and rental accounting service

Automatic price calculation
The calculator of tariffs, discounts and extra charges, fines for breakdowns will accurately calculate the necessary payment for rental services.
Fine tuning
The parameters of your tariffs, discounts, deposits and loyalty systems are easily and simply configured in the program configuration.
Employee motivation
Set salaries and salaries for employees. Adjust the percentage of sales for employees. Find out which employee brings more income to the company. Reward the best.
Visual analytics
An informative dashboard with all the necessary charts and data will help you quickly assess the current state of affairs, revenue growth and the number of orders, as well as evaluate the profitability of each rental item and additional service.
Technical support
Our technical support specialists will always answer your questions and help you set up the program.
The history of the client and his preferences
The internal CRM keeps a history of visits, reminds about   late payments, and   also keeps track of user preferences. You will receive more income from your regular customers, by launching loyalty systems and discounts.
Access control
Assign rights and regulate access to necessary sections of the program. As a result, each of your employees will have access only to those program functions that they are allowed to.


*when paid annually
For large companies and those who do not want to think about system limits
rental points
inventory items
+ Access to rest API
+ "Workshop" module
+ "Shop" module
*when paid annually
Suitable for those who are just starting their journey in the rental business
1 rental point
1 employees
100 inventory items
100 clients
*when paid annually
Optimal ratio of limits and cost
3 rental points
5 employees
1 000 inventory items
1 000 customers
+ Access to rest API
Our prices will suit both private person and large network rentals
Fleet Downtime Reduction

The results of the implementation of the Rent in Hand service in numbers

Instant creation of contracts and acts
15 seconds
Increasing your rental income
Register clients quickly and efficiently
1 minute

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