Shop managing and sale of goods

Additional program module that allows you to sell and account for inventory balances
Manage your warehouse and make additional sales

The "Shop" module combines several necessary parameters for sales: keeps records of warehouse balances, as well as allows you to sell additional equipment or spare parts.

The goods specified in this section can be sold when registering or closing a lease, and these products can be used for sale in the workshop.

Categorying allows you to enter as many products as necessary in the program. Categories can be edited, deleted and new ones added.

Shop module

With this module you will be able to keep track of goods, as well as sell additional goods, be it water or spare parts.

The "Store" module consists of two subsections: product and sales


It keeps records of commodity balances. Goods to be sold are added to the warehouse, after which they are displayed in the necessary sections of the program.


With the help of this module, goods are sold. As mentioned above, the sale of goods can also be carried out through the lease page or in repair requests.


using our rental management software

Control and accounting

The program keeps records of absolutely all transactions with goods, customers and money, which allows you to control the activities of your rental and make it more profitable.


The parameters of your tariffs, discounts, deposits and loyalty systems are easily and simply configured in the program configuration

Visual analytics

An informative dashboard with all the necessary schedules and data will help you quickly assess the current state of affairs, income growth and number of orders, as well as assess the profitability of each rental position and additional service.

Automatic price calculation

The calculator of tariffs, discounts and surcharges, penalties for breakdowns will accurately calculate the necessary payment for rental services.

Customer history and preferences

Internal CRM keeps a history of visits, reminds you of late payments, and keeps track of user preferences. You will receive more income from your regular customers by launching loyalty and discount systems.

Employee motivations

Assign salaries and salaries of employees. Adjust the percentage of sales for employees. Find out which employee brings more income to the company. Encourage the best.

Access control

Assign rights and regulate access to the necessary sections of the program. As a result, each of your employees will only have access to the program features that they are allowed.

Technical Support

Our technical support specialists will always answer questions and help you set up the program.

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